The Great Tactical Shotgun: Remington 870 Tactical Express Series

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Remington is a famous brand for firearms manufacturer.

Under the name Remington Arms Company, LLC, the company is founded in New York in 1816 that become the oldest and still operated manufacturer in the United States.

Based in Madison, North Carolina, Remington is the only firearms and ammunition products manufacturer in the U.S. that make it the largest domestic manufacturer of rifles and shotguns including the great Remington 870 product.

Remington has been distributing its firearms product for public needs including for the hunting, shooting sports and self-defense in over 55 countries worldwide and in the U.S. that resulting profit of $393 million for the company in 2004.

Remington 870 Accessories and Comparison

Here I provide my Remington accessories Comparison from Amazon, I hope this comparison helpful for you to choose which one is best for you.

To read my complete article about this accessories, please read Remington 870 Accessories.

Remington 870 AccessoriesProduct FeaturesColorPriceRating
Magpul Industries SGA Stock Forend Rem 870 MAG462-BLK
Magpul Industries SGA Stock Forend Remington 870
Drop-in replacement for the standard Remington 870Black, Orange, Flat Dark Earth, $$4.8
Magpul Industries SGA Stock Rem 870 MAG460-BLK
Magpul Industries SGA Stock Rem 870 BLK
Designed to add much-needed adjustability to the tried and true Remington 870Black, Orange, Flat Dark Earth, $$4.8
Mesa Tactical Sureshell Shotshell Carrier For Remington
Mesa Tactical Sureshell Shotshell for Remington 870
Fits Remington 870/1100/ 11-87 12 GaugeBlack$$4.7
Hogue Stock Tamer Shotgun Pistol Grip for Remington 870
Hogue Stock Tamer Shotgun Pistol Grip for Remington 870
Fits Shotgun Pistol grip for Remington 870Black$$4.6
Elzetta Flashlight Mount for Tactical Shotgun, Remington 870, Mossberg 500, Quick Release Thumbscrew model
Elzetta Flashlight Mount for Tactical Shotgun, Remington 870, Mossberg 500
Fits Reminton 870, Mossberg 500&590Black$$4.6
Hogue Stock Tamer Shotgun Pistol Grip and Forend for Remington 870
Hogue Stock Tamer Shotgun Pistol Grip
Fits Shotgun Pistol grip and forend for Remington 870Black$$4.6
Uncle Mike's Quick Detachable Remington 870/870 Youth 12-Gauge External Ratchet Cap Set Sling Swivels (Blued, 1-Inch Loop)
Uncle Mike's Quick Detachable Remington
With conventional ball and detent lug systemBlack$$4.5
Tacstar Sidesaddle Fits Remington 870, 1100 and 11-87
Tacstar Sidesaddle Fits Remington 870
Designed specifically for the Remington 870, 1100, & 11-87Black$$4.3
Weaver No-Gunsmith Converta Shotgun Mount - Remington 870, 1100, and 1187 (12 and 20 Gauge) Gloss Black
Weaver No-Gunsmith Converta Shotgun Mount - Remington 870
Strong and lightweightBlack$$4.0

Remington 870 Tactical Models

The Remington 870 included the fourth main model in Remington pump-action shotguns series.

The four main pump shotguns models are Remington Model 10 that later become the Remington Model 29, Remington Model 17 as the basis for the Remington 31, and Remington Winchester Model 12.

It is the improved and cheaper shotgun of Remington model 31.

Carrying the tactical series, this Remington shotgun is more than feeling to have to right weapon for the right purpose with the confidence to do it.

It is best for situation when you need tactical performance with smart decision.

It features rapid progress in design of pump-action shotguns offering durability, sleek and classical lines, strength and smooth bind free achievement.

The express models of Remington 870 Tactical comes in Matte black / blue bead, covered with coated hardwood or synthetic frameworks and the chamber is for 3″  and 2 3/4″ accommodating 12 or 20 gauge shotgun shells.

They are chambered in 3″ for 12 and 20 gauges yet with various markings.

Model 870™ Express® Tactical with BLACKHAWK! Spec Ops II

Model 870™ Express® Tactical with BLACKHAWK! Spec Ops II

Model 870™ Express® Tactical with BLACKHAWK! Spec Ops II

By having this Remington 870 Tactical with BLACKHAWK! Spec Ops II, there is no challenge that too hard to handle and every task is easy to deal providing jagged, continuously improved, and very dependable range of tactical shotgun.

For those who need shotgun for military, shooting contest, law enforcement and self-defense, Remington provide growing firearms selections.

It also offers more firepower and confidence to handle task well especially for intense and challenging situation.

Additionally, this appliance also comes with features including 7 position Length-of-pulled (LOP) adjustment, Recoil reduction system, Enhanced pistol grip, Sling mount – adjustable LH, RH, or Removed, Drilled and tapped receiver, and SuperCell recoil pad.

Remington 870 Tactical with BLACKHAWK! Spec Ops II is a good gun regarding the purpose for home defense especially for people who need shotgun that capable to do double duty.

You may find that you could not swap barrels on the model but it is still recommended for those who are not interested in multiple functions.

You can attach additional on Remington mount for the supercell pad and a scope.

You can install them very simply and removed just as easy.

Both additional parts are recommended for anyone planning to buy this gun since they look good and improve great functionality to the shotgun.

Model 870™ Express® Tactical A-TACS Camo

Model 870™ Express® Tactical A-TACS Camo

Model 870™ Express® Tactical A-TACS Camo

In challenging environments, Remington 870 Tactical A-TACS Camo offers continuous evolvement and harsh great dependable.

Totally covered in A-TACS digitized Camo that capable to absorb most light from surrounding, it allows bringing the highest camouflage for urban location.

Model 870 Express Tactical A-Tacs® Camo is based on the legendary pump action shotgun model that becomes the highest standard for ultra-risk environment.

Beside that, it also includes Tactical Rem™ Choke SpeedFeed® IV pistol-grip stock of extended ported.

It is also chambered 12 gauge shells and features an 18 1/2″ barrel quick-pointing.

For greater rapid target achievement, it offers a receiver-mounted, fully adaptable XS® Ghost Ring Sight rail with detachable white bead front view.

A SuperCell™ recoil pad brings improved control and reduces recoil. While Picatinny design rail is fit for sight and optics systems.

This shotgun comes with a package of a full 7 rounds of 2 3/4″ or 6 rounds of 3″ 12-gauge shells with 2-shot extension from the manufacturer.

The package also includes sling swivel stud and receiver that are a drilled and tapped.

You can have this appliance A-TACS Camo featuring SpeedFeed IV “Pistol-grip” model stock, XS-sights Picatinny rail integrated with Ghost-ring view and front blade view, New Next A-TACS Tactical camo for whole camo covering, 18 RC barrel of 1/2″, barrel clamp using swivel stud attachments and extension for 2-shot, Extended Ported TAC choke, and SuperCell recoil pad.

This Remington 870 Tactical A-TACS Camo is no doubt some slick looking shotguns.

And perhaps the target market must be LEOs and SWAT teams.

However, if you are buying one with the home defense purpose, you may end with the look of a hostile prosecutor. Most people out there prefer the design and mechanical improvements without the paint patterns and tactical chokes part.

Extended capacity and shorter barrels would surely be an enhancement over a shotgun with 28″ barrels.

However, the good thing about the breaching choke of Remington 870 Tactical A-TACS Camo is that it is attached on an 18.5 inch RemChoke barrel.

So in a survival situation or need to hunt as well as for home defense, by carrying an extended range choke for hunting game such as waterfowl or turkey, the high-cap short-barreled protective weapon can serve multi task.

Even if it is not as effective as your dedicated turkey gun for hunting, but it will overtake other shotguns easily with the appropriate choke since carrying extra chokes pack is much easier than extra barrels.

You may also think that the sights would also better for rifled slugs against larger game at distance.

You may not find any other tactical shotgun that has this ability and the shotgun A-TACS Camo offer great enhancement for survival action.

You may find the breaching choke come in handy when you want to blow a padlock off a storeroom door.

Model 870™ Express® Tactical

Model 870™ Express® Tactical

Model 870™ Express® Tactical

This model express base model carries jagged model yet greatly dependable and improved continually for challenging situation and difficult task.

It is based on the high standard model that aims for demanding environment.

The package of the shotgun includes a full 7 2 3/4″ rounds or 3″ 12-gauge shells with installed 2-shot extension from the manufacturer.

This Model 870™ Express Tactical includes extended ported Tactical Rem Choke and offer a quick pointing 18 1/2″barrel.

The Remington 870 Tactical Express base model comes with XS® Ghost Ring Sights that is enhanced for rapid aim achievement and accurate shot engagement improved by the XS blade sight and XS Ghost Ring sight rail.

XS Ghost Ring sight rail is fully adaptable for wind and elevation settings that also improve optics and sight systems.

These models feature black synthetic stocks, receivers that are drilled and tapped and fore-ends with sling swivel studs.

Beside that, this remington Express base model provides features like 18 tactical barrel of 1/2″ along with XS® front blade sight RC Tactical (extended or ported tube), XS Ghost Ring sight Rail (to mounts a Receiver), fully adaptable Sight for wind and elevation settings, Front blade sight combined with Ghost Ring for acquiring target rapidly and precisely, fore-end with Tactical design, magazine extension for 2-shot as well as drilled and tapped Receiver for mounting scope including XS Picatinney rail with ghost ring.


This express base model has several great things to consider including that it has been millions products to sold for almost 60 years proving the shotgun to have a well platform.

It also has a quite decent price compared to additional features it carries like magazine extension tube, tactical choke and ghost ring sights.

There are many aftermarket parts and accessories provided by third party companies so you have wide range customization for the shotgun.


There are several difficulties you may find on the shotgun such as the cross bolt safety is located at the back of the trigger and it possibly causes difficulty to some people.

You can see that on the front left of the trigger guard, there is the action lock that is also perhaps for some users will find it uncomfortable.

It is unfortunately that this Remington shotgun does not provide a rail on magazine or barrel tube or front end area to mount a light since a defense weapon is better to have a light on it since attaching light with this method is less expensive.

You can see the Remington 887 Mag Tactical model that has rail on the front end to put light on.

The “Express” word in Remington 870 Tactical express model means the gun or cartridge has something different and refer to having certain higher and more capabilities than it regular model and is designed to hunt dangerous and huge target.

However, Remington interprets the model to be the cheaper version of the more costly model.

Disregarding the low price, the shotgun is not so well since it is the cheaper version of the 870 Wingmaster.

This Express model is suitable for most shotguns hunting and knocking around with 12 and 20 gauge.

Compared to its chief competitor the Mossberg 500, the shotgun is less prone to rattling. It is well priced and reliable as well as the large options aftermarket accessories and chokes available making it from home defense weapon into a hunting weapon or military rig.

This ultra-dependable and flexible shotgun is proven to be the best selling shotgun in the whole world and has been used by the military and police forces.

For occasional use or hobby like shooting clays or highland bird hunting with this remington express model is a good choice.

However, there are better weapons out there for sporting clays or more skeet shootings.  The shotgun is mostly a great weapon for everything but there is something you have to keep an eye about the gun. It tends to rust. After several use of shootings or hunting, there will be dark brown spot appearing. Water brings problem to the gun.

You could upgrade your Remington 870 Tactical to the higher level of coating such as the Marine Magnum version that is salt water resistance in temporary immersion.

However if you are stay in dry area without rust issue, the shotgun is perhaps for you.

Test Result

The test is the range test with several different ammunition’s to get the feeling for what the pattern may be at different distances.

Based on the range test results, this shotgun can be extremely lethal.

At closer ranges, it shot smaller area so if possible you must always aim before you shoot.  However, the result of the test is fairly typical for most shotguns with cylinder choke and an 18.5″ barrel length so the gun is exceptionally good.


After you open the package box, you will find the shotgun, XS Shotrail Installation & Adjustment Instructions, Owner’s Manual, gun lock & instructions, and a card for a discount on Remington Ammo.

You will also find the Magazine Extension Kit Instruction Folder that was inserted inside the Owner’s Manual.

By considering the price and features of this type of shotgun, it is hardly to believe that this awesome weapon would disappoint the buyers.

The shotgun offers greatly upgradable features including the upper rail and tactical choke, ghost rings sights, and extended magazine tube, it is proven for best tactical shotgun for home defense weapon in the market.

It also provides high confidence and great feeling to hold and carry.

This interactive chart of 3 Remington 870 Tactical Express Model below and the analysis that follows will certainly help you to decide what the Best Remington Tactical Shotgun is for you.

Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun Comparison

Remington 870 Tactical ModelsGaugeAverage Weight (lbs.)Barrel Length (in.)ChokeOverall Length (in.)Barrel TypePrice (Starting at)
Model 870™ Express® Tactical with BLACKHAWK! Spec Ops II
Model 870 Express Tactical BLACKHAWK
12718"Fixed CylinderAdjustableBead Sight$638.00
Model 870™ Express® Tactical A-TACS Camo
Remington 870 Tactical A-TACS Camo
127 1/218 1/2"Rem Choke38 1/2 - 40 1/2 (Choke)Clean Barrel Rifle Sight Rem Choke$685.00
Model 870™ Express® Tactical
Remington 870 Tactical Express
127 1/218 1/2"38 1/2"Rem Choke$572.00

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